What is

Exclusive Wine Escapes?

EWE offers tailor-made events to wine professionals and inquisitive enthusiasts who wish to enrich their wine culture by going behind the scenes in some of the most fascinating wineries in the world.

What is Exclusive Wine Escapes?

What does

Exclusive Wine Escapes offer?

EWE provides unique opportunities for wine professionals to develop their knowledge and technical know-how through our RIV exchange programmes, as well as for ambitious wine producers to find new solutions in the market-place. We also organise exclusive tour programmes for both professionals and amateurs in some of the world’s most fascinating wine regions.

  • RIV (Rencontres Internationales Vignerons): cutting-edge seminars and workshops for wine professionals.
  • Original, tailor-made experiences for wine enthusiasts.
  • Promotional events.



“For all wine enthusiasts, whether professional or amateur, Exclusive Wine Escapes also offers tailor-made getaway programmes that include tours to some of the most prestigious wine estates, where they are able to taste and learn about the most sought-after growths in France, Italy and Spain, while enjoying a convivial exchange with the estates’ winemakers”